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I’m a local Kentucky teacher, father, and husband who believes every child deserves better educational and career path opportunities. I’ve dedicated the last decade of my life to working directly with students and their families with the ultimate goal of ending generational poverty. I know the importance of a quality education, as it has transformed the lives of my family. 


Like you, I wake up daily and hope my child will have options that were not afforded to me. My parents were raised in Flint, Michigan. Historically, one of the poorest and high crime locations in the country. In search of a better life, we relocated to Kentucky when I was 4 years old. 


My parents worked tirelessly to meet the needs of 3 children, but they were fortunate in securing quality middle class jobs and housing. The cornerstone for my family to eliminate generational poverty was hard work and luck.


It is not okay that a parent fears what lies ahead for their children due to neighborhood safety issues and lack of vital community resources. I was fortunate to have a few adults who personally invested time in developing me and steering me clear of societal pitfalls that confront our children every day. I want to give the children and families in our community a candidate who understands and supports their community needs.


16.5% of the people in our community are considered to be living below the poverty line. Children in our community who face poverty, inadequate housing, and hunger are then expected to perform on state-wide standardized testing.  This is not acceptable. We must provide increased employment opportunities for families, affordable housing options, and implement a community food bank to address our urgent poverty issue.


As Kentuckians, we must work together to ensure all children get a trajectory-changing education. We must push for improved economic opportunities and affordable housing. I believe in a better future when we work together. Join me in changing the lives of thousands of families in our district. I ask for your support and vote on Tuesday, November 3rd for State House District 56.


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Lamar Allen for Kentucky

1643 Alexandria Dr. Apt. 2, Lexington, Ky 40504


A relentless fighter for children in Kentucky

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